DIY | Mini Wood Chalkboard

It’s (only) Wednesday and I don’t know about you but I’m already daydreaming about the weekend. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t have any plans but are always looking for a new crafting project. Well, you’re in luck friend because today I’m sharing an easy-peasy DIY project that can totally be accomplished this weekend with plenty of time to spare. Keep it for yourself or share it with someone who needs a little cheering up.

What you need

DIY Mini Wood Chalkboard

Not really sure why I included scissors but you never know when you’ll need them…


What you do

DIY Mini Wood Chalkboard

The width of the border is entirely up to you, I like to use my painter’s tape as a guide. For this specific board (which was small), I used one piece of tape as my width for the border. For larger size boards, you could make the border thicker by adding a second or third piece of tape next to each other.

DIY Mini Wood Chalkboard

Once you have your borders taped off, you can begin to apply the chalkboard paint. Allow paint to fully dry before adding another coat. I apply at least two coats of paint but depending on your materials you may need to add more.

DIY Mini Wood Chalkboard

Allow paint to fully dry before removing your taped border.

DIY Mini Wood Chalkboard

Violà! You have a pretty neat little chalkboard that can be used in so many ways. Give it as part of a lovely gift or keep it for yourself as a home decor piece. It can be decorative or practical, the decision is up to you and we fully support whatever you choose.

Here are a few examples of how I’ve used it.

DIY Mini Wood Chalkboard

I gave this chalkboard away as part of a birthday present for a friend.

DIY Mini Wood Chalkboard

I used a large plywood board for this one. I love that I can update the message whenever I want.



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