Real Talk: Gratitude

“Be grateful for small mercies” -Anonymous

I’m starting a gratitude practice. A real one with a big public commitment to it (this). Over the last several months my life has been turned sideways. I’ve had to deal with a whole new set of feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It’s left me saying “I don’t know how to be a person” ALOT. And, it’s true I have moments where I just don’t know what to do or say, moments that people, mentors, school never taught me how to handle. But, last night I decided to meet this unknowingness with gratitude. While so many things seem out of my control and unknown, there are still just as many things to be grateful for. You see, my Mom is sick and it’s been really scary. It’s been really hard. Really hard for me, as someone who feels a l l t h e t h i n g s a l l t h e t i m e. To be honest as much as I thought I would be prepared for this – I am not, I don’t know how to be a person in that realm of my life. Instead of continuing to focus on that, I want to start focusing on all of the things I can be grateful for. I’m committing to sharing (3) things, long or short every day with Seth, my husband. I’m going to keep a running list in the notes on my phone and when it all just feels to hard I’m going to scroll through and be reminded of all the true blessings in my life. For whatever reason this feels the most appropriate to combat all the scariness. Gratitude helps me reconnect with the present moment. I have a HUGE tendency to future trip and get caught in worry or the ‘what if’ game about the future.

I am grateful to have found my love, my life, my soulmate and get to share this life experience with him

I am grateful to love and be loved by my two adorable pets, Boulder and Flynn

I am grateful for a healthy body that allows me to breath, walk, run and write

Gratefulness is bigger than my fear, it’s a reminder that… that fear is not the only thing alive in me right now. It’s the path back to myself and I’m grateful for an ever evolving life journey – how boring we all would be with out that.

Want to commit to a gratitude practice with me? Here are some tips.
  1. Begin/Commit; just decide to do it and if you need a partner for accountability ask your best friend or partner to join the ride.
  2. Write it down; you can of course verbally share your gratitude list but there’s something really impactful about writing these types of things down. Get a notebook or save it on your phone.
  3. Feel all of it; you’ll have days that are hard, you might feel broken – do this practice anyway and in the moments you truly feel gratitude feel it with all of your being.
  4. Stay in the moment; throughout your day say to yourself when you feel gratitude. For your cup of tea, for getting out of your appointment 5 minutes early, it’s like a running list that will make it easier to draw on when you are having a hard day.
  5. Don’t stop; enough said. When things feel brighter and better don’t stop, keep going, gratitude is kinda a magic thing.
  6. It’s all okay; don’t judge your lists as good or bad, don’t judge this practice as good or bad and don’t judge yourself, your life or your day as good or bad. Simply find the things each day to be grateful for and life will undoubtedly give you more of the same.



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