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Happy Monday! I have a fun fact for you, did you know that we have 173 more days of 2016? We’ve already made it 193! Crazy, I feel like I say this often but I really can’t believe it’s already July in 2 0 1 6, I was just writing my name, date, class, (Andie Britt, March 3, 1997, Geography) on all the right hand corners of my paper. AND now it’s 2016 and I’m 28 years old and it’s July and it’s h o t in Santa Fe. What is life people, what is life?


1. I feel inspired to use the next 173 well (I love a good count down) so, I’ve got 173 days to make 2016 an overall goodgreat, joyful year.

2. AND we wanted to share our 5 things for the week. 5 things we’ve been totally into and think you might be totally into it too.

NG: One of my favorite calligrapher’s Laurel Essl was interviewed by Society 6 about staying inspired. It’s worth a read for some great tips. I will definitely follow Tip #8 “Go buy yourself some flowers.” Who doesn’t like fresh flowers in their home?

NG: I find Shealeen Louise‘s watercolored botanicals absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, this girl has some major talent. I was first introduced to Shealeen through her and her sister’s band Poema. I went to a couple shows in Albuquerque and was always struck by how authentic they sounded. So this girl can sing, play and paint! A great inspiration for exploring many creative outlets.

AF: I’m turning 29 next month and dreaming of a Costa Rican vacation, which made me realize I’ve been swimsuit less for like 3 years…. This one seems pretty perfect! I most likely will not be on a gorgeous Costa Rican beach to celebrate but might be spotted up at Ojo Caliente

AF:  I kinda love this article by Michael D. Shear on President Obama’s nightly routine. There’s something really personal about it, it’s very behind the scenes and I really enjoyed how it highlighted the normal/not normal (ness) of The President’s nights.

Combo: Love, l o v e this water color poster from Have Company! 

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