Summer Wishlist

I walked into my acupuncturists office on Tuesday and was prepared to list off the several symptoms I’d been experiencing in the past two weeks (more like past 28 years). He did his norm of looking at my veins, taking my pulse and asking to see my tongue. Then, he started by saying “Well, you have what we call in Chinese medicine….” and I was all “yes, here it comes, the final deadly verdict to what’s actually wrong with me, F I N A L L Y” he continued on, “what we call in Chinese medicine, ‘it’s been 90-100 degrees in New Mexico for two full months disease'” he then began to chuckle. I mustered a slight giggle, but much to my disappointment today was not the day he finally gave me a list of things that are wrong with me, my body and my mind. That’s why I love acupuncture it’s a twice monthly reminder that there’s actually nothing wrong with me, but as a human and a body I react to the world around me and well it’s been one hot summer here in Santa Fe with no A/C. Besides reminding me that there’s nothing wrong with me, I was reminded to focus on the positive rather than the negative, and well friends…

We’re 3 days into August and 50 days away from the start of Autumn. Here’s my list of the top s u m m e r  things to do this month to help keep all those summer vibes alive.

-go camping, if you’re in Northern New Mexico, I recommend these spots El Porvenir Campground Jemez Falls CampgroundCarson National Forest, Fawn Lakes area 

-go ride the ski lift in Taos

-get your body in some water, like here or here

-eat at Shake Foundation have a drink on the rooftop Bar Alto  and keep your eyes peeled for the soft and grand opening of the new ice cream spot, La Lecheria!

-movie marathon until 3:00am

try watching these gems: Stranger Things, Penny Dreadful, or you know… F.R.I.E.N.D.S

-ride a bike

-take a walk

-take a hike, if your in Santa Fe I recomend these spots Dale Ball TrailsAtalaya Mountain Trail,  Nambe Lake

-eat a watermelon (here’s 27 new ways to try it!)

-look at the stars (here’s a link to the visible planets, moon phases and events for the nightly sky for August 2016)

-check out the Drive-In movies, Las Vegas, NM Carlsbad, NM 

make sun tea

If I could give you each the biggest hug today, I would. Sending you my love.



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