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Happy Monday! We hope that today has been the best of the best, or at least okay and bearable. It’s the start of a new week after all and if you are anything like us the life is just slowly starting to seep back into your veins to tackle this weeks to do’s. So a slight apology for our slothlike slowness today but Santa Fe lost power for like multiple hours last night and it ended up being just a little chaotic with everyone worrying about their refrigerators and realizing they have no batteries in the house. But, despite our endless worry and stressed sitting in dark houses last night we have some pretty great things to share with you today, things that make you think, that make you happy and things that make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

So, cheers to you today and everyday. Now, somebody pass the sparkling water… wine? Netflix? early bedtime….  A L L T H E L O V E!

NG: If you are a greeting card enthusiast like me, I highly recommend subscribing to Card Nest. Each month you’ll get a lovely little package in the mail with three different cards from different artists/designers. It’s a great for card collectors because you’re exposed to designs from people you might not find locally plus you’ll almost always have a card for every occasion!

NG: It’s so easy to ignore the utility of urban spaces. I came across this art collective called Pirate Printers who is finding beauty in those forgotten spaces. They apply ink to spots such as manhole covers and grates and print shirts and bags with the texture. Pretty neat stuff! 

AF: As if I needed another reason to love cats more than I already do… <3 

AF: Just sorta loved this article in the NY Times. You never think about the little things like this when sitting down to enjoy a Broadway play, love how many people ended up falling in love with these pups and adopting them into loving homes!

Combo: Tracy Shutterbean went beach camping over the weekend (known via Snapchat: tshutterbean
) and since we’re landlocked over here I know we were both a little jealous. Reese’s S’mores anyone! 


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