The Colors of September

I am currently obsessed with the color yellow. Growing up, I believed a person’s favorite color said a lot about them and I had very strong opinions about what I thought a certain color communicated.

For example, until recently I hated the color pink. I thought it was too soft or too saturated and too common. I rebelled against it until I was able to appreciate its subtleties. I find soft pinks in the clouds, in budding flowers and speckled in rocks. Pink is quickly becoming a favorite color of mine.

from good intentions

However, yellow is the color I’m loving at the moment. To me, yellow signifies the start of Fall and Fall is my favorite season. Santa Fe has been full of gorgeous yellows lately and I find myself very inspired by, what I’m calling, September colors.

from good intentions

I took all this color inspiration and created some downloadable goodies for you all. Use them as a background for your phone and/or desktop. They are filled with the colors I’ve encountered this past week.

yellow flowers field | from good intentionsDownload here

yellow flowers bunch | from good intentionsDownload here

I can’t wait for the leaves to change and see deep yellows, oranges and reds all over town. Maybe some new color inspiration will come my way. Until then, I hope you take the time to notice the colors filling your surroundings. Maybe some inspiration will cross your path in the process.

Here’s to a great, color-filled weekend!


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