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From Good Intentions started 4 weeks 5 months ago, but the intent behind it has been around for years. Two three girls grew up in New Mexico not crossing paths until 2015. They met and bonded over stories, introvertedness, coffee and a love for cats. From there they talked, shared and decided to give dreams a chance. WHY NOT?

This blog is about leaving behind fear and self doubt. Finding our way in this beautiful life with all the good vibes in our back pocket.

In proper life fashion that last 5 months have ebbed and flowed, it’s gone fast and slow, it’s been fun and it’s been hard but the most joyus thing is that we’re all in it together. Building a community of like minded people and sharing in each others strengths and gifts makes the mundane bits of life worth it. We are SO excited to share with you the extension of our little internet space, our From Good Intentions community is growing in more ways than one.

  • We want to introduce you to our new co-blogger, Shannon!










We decided a little Q/A time with Shannon would be a fun way for you to get to know her a little! 

Q: What do you hope to share with our community?

A: First of all, I am SO EXCITED to be joining From Good Intentions and I know there is SO MUCH potential for everything that is to come. What do I want to bring to this community? As a list lover, a bulleted visualization seems appropriate here:

  • I want to encourage others to try something they have never done before
  • I hope to unlock creativity and inspire individuals to trust themselves
  • I would like to continue growing the community by bring like-minded individuals together, because we can learn so much from one another
  • I’m interested in highlighting all the great things and people that are already part of this community, celebrating small and large accomplishments can really boost ourselves and those around us

The main idea here is I have a lot of ideas, and really I could keep going, but what it comes down to is, I CAN NOT WAIT to get started!

Q: What’s your favorite dessert?

A: Can I get a round of applause for fruit tarts?! These have been my favorite for awhile now. Let’s just say it was my birthday last week and candles flickered on top of a tart rather than a cake.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: Would you believe me if I told you the first post I made on Instagram was on January 26 of this year?! I don’t know why I waited so long to join the hundreds of people on this platform but it has served as such an inspiration. I love scrolling through and seeing what so many creatives are making, what is inspiring them and how some have turned their passions into their full time gigs! Let’s all cheers to that!

Q: Current life mantra?

A: This too shall pass.

Ever since I heard these words they have stuck with me. It’s easy to think of this mantra when things seem like they are at a low but I like to push myself to remember even the best times are not going to last. This encourages me to really be in the moment when it is happening, to take a second and breathe the happiness in and in other cases let go of the things that are weighing me down.

Q: How do you push through creative block/self-doubt?

A: Honestly, I have found that I have to JUST KEEP GOING.

What happens in our heads during the creative process can block some of our strongest most intriguing ideas. Don’t shut down something if you haven’t even given it the chance to be explored.

During the process it is easy for thoughts to flash through our heads telling ourselves things like, that’s not good enough, or there’s not enough time for that. It is also easy for the “what if’s” to start flooding in and saying things like WHAT IF I started this project two hours, two days, two weeks earlier, THEN I would (magically) have the best solution.  

What helps me is taking a step back and reflecting on projects at their completion. I have been realizing if I hadn’t been working on a specific project in the exact moments that I did, the result would have been completely different, and not necessarily better. When I take the time to notice this I find a sense of peace letting projects live as they are, and in a way letting them mark a specific time in my creative journey.

I like to take pride in my process, in what I create and I try not to second guess it. I have also found that sometimes the joy of a piece is in the process itself rather than the results.

I do think there is a lot of truth in the phrase, you are your own biggest critic. I’d like to encourage those of you reading this to be kind to yourself, don’t dismiss ideas too quickly, see what you have to give before you immediately shut yourself down. Have confidence in what you are creating, let the process be part of the joy, and stand up for your work.

On that note, I want to end by saying I am SO HAPPY to be here and to be a part of From Good Intentions. Cheers to new beginnings, new opportunities, and a feeling of rejuvenation, what an exciting way to start off the fall season.


  • We hope to create more room in this space, for all of you! We’d like to get to know you a bit more, to see what passions you have, where you find your inspiration and just who y o u are. So stay tuned because we’d love to learn and grow with you and will have a monthly guest blogger spot opening soon!

So, there you have it people! Please help us welcome Shannon and if I can say this, please congratulate us on making it 5 months online! Our hope is to always share honestly with you where we are, what we like, what we think you might like and what helps us grow into better versions of ourselves. Sometimes that will look a post on “if you could be a cat, what cat would you be?”, sometimes it’s sharing a recipe that literally saves us on workday mornings, and sometimes it’s sharing a bit more of the deeper stuff, the stuff we wrestle with to be thoughtful, creative and find our own innovation in this crazy, busy world.

We value you and want to give a huge cheers to “us”, all of us out there who just keep hustling and keeping it real.

All the love,

NG + AF + SM

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