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Anyone else watch the presidential debate last night? Whether you did or not, I think we can all agree we could use a little more goodness in our lives. For today’s post I’m sharing 5 things that I hope will make you laugh, make you think and leave you feeling inspired.

  • Hurdles – I’ve probably watched this video 53 times since I first saw it. Beautifully narrated by Emma Watson and visually powerful, this is something everyone needs to watch because gender equality is just that important.
  • Very British Problems – Now for some laughter. I’ve been fascinated with British culture ever since picking up the Harry Potter series. My boyfriend found this great show called Very British Problems on Netflix and it’s been great learning about different cultural mannerisms and even discovering that I am somewhat the same! It’s probably the introvert in me…
  • Shutterbean’s Summer Photo Book – I’m incredibly inspired by Tracy Shutterbean’s photo book. She used a book making service called Blurb to print an incredibly cool, modern photo album. I’m so inspired, I might even try one for myself!
  • i still have anxiety – A collaborative project that allows those of us who deal with and suffer through anxiety, feel a little less alone. There’s a good mix of funny anecdotes as well as dark and serious ones. I also really enjoy the little illustration that accompanies each one.
  • Most Empowering TED Talks Every Woman Needs to Watch – All of these talks are so compelling. My person favorite is from Manal al-Sherif, who broke down a Saudi ban against women driving. Hearing about the conditions and restrictions on women around the world, really puts my privilege into perspective. Please check these out.

Here’s to a great week my friends!


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