October Lookbook

TGIF! We’ve made it another 5 work days and that’s just something that needs to be celebrated. We’re celebrating with our first ever, October Lookbook! Our Lookbook features will happen at the end of each month and highlight our most liked post as well as each of our individual favorites! It’s a look back on some of the creative goodness we created this month, a refresher for us to feel a bit more accomplished as humans and a guide for y o u to check out our stuff if you missed it or are new! We love having this space to create for ourselves and have that resonate and connect with a few of you, so mostly THANK YOU for joining us, for reading our posts or liking or stuff. There’s no doubt that you’ve made our days a bit brighter with your engagment and encouragement.

Cheers to a beautiful community and a beautiful weekend! Do something fun, do something for you! You deserve it.


People Pleasers Please Stand Up

I wrote this post as a pep talk to myself, it was a bit of a revolation that I’m not me when I’m totally acting out of that people pleaser mindset. After 29 years I’m just tried of the rigamaroo. I shared a story that happened to me this month that really made me realize, and want to start taking more steps out of this personality habit. Here’s one of my favorite lines from the post!

“I let his awkwardly polite request crush my spirit – and I realized that’s just not okay. I can’t keep doing this to myself, I can’t keep taking such hard blows for such little things. It was a huge reminder to me that I’m just the b i g g e s t people pleaser and that this people pleasing was just killing my vibe.”

I’m totally still crushing over this post/idea of “Local Shout-out”, it made me excited for all the future highlights and possibilites of sharing some of our favoitie local businesses with you. I’m sold that I’m an urbanite at heart and sometimes the dust dry, blue skied ways of New Mexico can get me a little down. It can often leave me itching for travel – as a practical, working adult I can’t always make that happen and it’s a reminder to me to find the gems where I’m at. There are so many if we stop to think about it.

I was so surpirsed to get such awesome feedback on this blog. It’s great to see so much love for this shop (this gem), Santa Maria Provisions but also the support for giving some love to our local peeps! As an introvert I sometimes dread both attention and interaction but the interaction this post got made me excited to be part of this creative community in Santa Fe and for that I’m just super thankful.


Autumn Playlist

This post was fun for me to put together. Growing up I would burn a playlist to CDs for long road trips. It was almost if I was making a soundtrack for my life, if my life was some sort of inspiring girl power movie or a musical.

This playlist reflects more of my vibe today as a 25 year old. My musical tastes are more moody and mellow and less raise your hands up, pop anthem (although those can be fun every once and a while). I’ll be listening to these songs while I pet my two cats and sip a matcha latte.

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First Five Things 

The post I did for my first five things was one of my favorites! Why? Because I did a shout-out on a few awesome creatives who inspire me daily on instagram! I would say it’s worth a revisit, and if you haven’t decided to follow these individuals, the time is now! They are all seriously killing it and I send all the good vibes to Emily JeffordsFloriography FlowersBrian GiniewskiOmjsk, and Kristen Meyer and thank them for their inspiration.

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