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And just like that it’s April! Hi my friends, it’s been awhile since I’ve shared with you here on this space. I’ll spare you all the nitty gritty details but short story is our site got (hard core) hacked and it’s just taken the longest to get it back safe and sound. The internet can be a scary place after all.

I’ve been reminded that real passwords are so good, and buffing up on security plug-in information etc… is so needed. Sometimes we have to do the things that seem tedious to make sure we’re set up for success. IF THAT ISN’T THE BIGGEST TRUTH ABOUT ADULT LIFE, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.

Anywho, life has been so full lately. Since I last wrote you I’ve visited Denmark and Norway, ate alot of fish eggs, tried reindeer, and glogg. Made some new friends, found out that feeling insecure about your ears can be a international thing. I saw wild seals and got stuck on a Norwegian mountain in a snow/rain storm. I’ve gotten (2) colds, had the opportunity to make a cookbook with 1905 Magazine, drank so many glasses of champagne, had stitches and added (3), yes (3) tattoos to my body.

Life can be so full and so fun if you let it. Those are just some of the highlights I can think of off the top of my head but I’d like you to know how much growing and crying I’ve also done over the last few months. Growing pains can hurt and they can feel everlasting, but the good thing is, the TRUTH is that they’ll never last forever. I’m reminded how GOOD it is to string together your happy moments, your new moments, your life changing moments, those little glows of hope and joy are what bring you through the darker days. I’m so thankful for my life and this world we get to live in, exploring it is one of the most fulfilling things to me. I’m lucky and grateful to have all the experiences I do.

So now that we’re up to speed on where I’m at in life… (haha) let’s get to the point.

Here’s 5 things that have been keeping me going, giving me hope, joy and a sanctuary away from the hard/dark things of growing up.

  1. Google’s “Jolly Good Fellow” shares on how to experience more joy in your life
  2. I’m a foodie at heart and absolutely loved this documentary – City of Gold about LA food critic Jonathan Gold. Gold shows us a different, much more personable and relatable side to LA and it just melts my heart
  3. This article, The Middle Of Things: Advice For Young Writers from The New Yorker, it’s from 2015 but it makes me cry (every time) in the best way possible. It’s long but PLEASE READ IT, there’s so much goodness there
  4. When I was 20 I got to visit one of my best friends in Italy, it was a life changing, eye opening trip. There are lots of stories I could share, but it was the first time I had Cacio e Pepe. Aka. THE best pasta dish, or at least a top contender. It knocked my socks off, it’s just SUCH a guilty pleasure. I’ve been saving this recipe for the next time I have a pasta craving (I love that Donal uses wider pasta noodles).
  5. This Instagram account, @theyesmummum from Hollie De Cruz. She’s the creator behind this range of cards, Yes Mum (not just for mums!) Her feed is full of real life, knowledge and inspiration. Almost every post is a little uplifting moment for me!

There you go my people. I wish you the best week, full of fun, mundane, coffee and spring greens!








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