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April Five Things

It’s true, we are back to Monday. How you ask? I have no idea.

Mondays can be hard, and often I find myself thinking about all the things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend on Sunday evenings. I start to panic as I realize it seems like I never have enough time. Then I take a second and I remember a super positive point of view I read regarding Mondays. When I feel myself starting to fall into the Sunday blues (which, let’s face it, I’m pretty sure is every Sunday) I try to think about this line—treat Mondays as if they are mini new years. I mean, it may be slightly on the cheesy side but in reality it is a really good point. Maybe Mondays don’t always have to be a bad thing. Maybe they really can be viewed as a fresh start. Even if you are not into the whole new year resolution idea we could all use a clean slate right? Another chance to do better than last week? Whatever “better” might mean to you. I encourage you to actively think about what it is you want to accomplish this week. Set some intentions, make plans, and just go for it. Because really, the time is now.

On that note, I feel like what gives me the most energy and enthusiasm is seeing other people MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. Because of that I’m going to make my five things mostly about people–and honestly–maybe I will always make my five things about people like I did on my very first 5 things post as it was one of my favorites. So here it goes, this week I will be sharing with you four people who fill me with so much energy and one short film which spoiler alert made both Andie and I cry. I promise I’m not sharing it to bring you down but rather to remind you of how important it is to surround yourself by things and people that inspire you and bring out the best in you in person or online. So let’s just get to it shall we?

First up is Jeannette Ogden of Shut The Kale Up, I think at this point all of us here at From Good Intentions follow her. You can get a good sense of her personality from her account name. JUST. YES. She shares so many tips on healthy living, healthy eating, sticking to your fitness game and so much cuteness from her little man Elliott. Her husband has also been making more appearances lately and in general their family and lifestyle is just GOALS. I think I watch her stories almost everyday and Nicole and I have joked about how we feel her account has become our reality t.v. Pretty sure you should go follow her now. Just saying.

Next is Erica Reitman, who keeps it so real, so honestly real that I crack up because of how much I can relate. Let’s just say her most recent post as I write this reads, “I can’t talk to you today. I talked to two people yesterday.” All introverts unite am I right? She is a self proclaimed design ninja and as you start scrolling through her feed she very quickly proves this statement to be true. She also named her 9 foot wall hanging Sheila which was about the time that I knew I had found one of my people. When you find your people you just know they are your people really quickly. Here is her post welcoming Sheila to her family. (YES REALLY!) Her stories are a must watch. Do it. Promise.

Third on my list goes to, Matt and Tish of No Longer Wander, who have a fairly new Instagram account and blog. Do you ever feel like you can’t like EVERY photo on an account without being too stalker-ish. Ya that’s how I feel about their account. I see one of their posts, like it and then realize it’s posted by them and then it all just makes sense. Their esthetic is spot on and is so consistent which makes everything on their feed to die for and their home is absolutely stunning. Bonus they are local and live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It always feels like a little more of an instant connection when I find other New Mexican creatives killing it. I would definitely say go give their page and blog some love!

Naomi Davis of Love Taza is next. She lives in NYC with her super sweet family and celebrates, “Motherhood, family, travel, good food and life’s simple joys.” They are currently traveling around Morocco which looks so amazing! I’m basically living through her stories right now! She has three little ones who are just adorable and have THE BEST names, Eleanor, Samson, and Conrad—seriously the cutest. She meet her husband while they were both going to college in NYC, I remember her mentioning she went to Juilliard which makes the past dancer in me instantly like her. I guarantee this family will bring happiness to your day. Prove me wrong, go ahead and try.

My last thing as I mentioned before is not a person, it’s an animated short film. It’s the one I shared with Andie last week, and it made us both cry. Once again, I’m not sharing it to bring you down but rather to remind you of how important it is to surround yourself by all the good things. You can watch it here. I’d love to know if it hit so close to home for you too.

So there you have it my five things for this week. I’m wishing you all a super colorful one, don’t turn gray no matter how hard you have to fight it.

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