5 things

5 things

Hello again, Shannon here and I am writing this week’s 5 things on a drive back to Santa Fe form Durango. A mini escape to the mountains was beautiful and definitely needed. When we left Santa Fe the huge flakes were starting to fall, I can’t believe how much snow Santa Fe got during this last weekend of April! We did have some snow in Durango along with gorgeous foggy mornings.

My boyfriend’s cousin and his girlfriend have lived in Durango for the past few years. While we were there we got to meet the newest addition to their family who is just one month old, hear precious good mornings from their two year old and watch him graduate from Fort Lewis College which was awesome. We wandered around downtown, checked out some gorgeous homes on the very top of the mountains with modern cabin vibes (I would love one of these someday), did some exploring around a few trails and soaked up that family time. Now I’m getting ready to check back into reality. Which should be an interesting transition. So let’s get to five things that I hope will encourage a wonderful week ahead.

1. First I want to introduce you to Charlie. The mama to the two little ones I was talking about. Follow her account to see more of Durango, good treats, glimpses of her girls and a shared love for all things floral.

2. This book Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden, which I discovered while at Charlie’s house! It is beautifully designed and the knowledge shared is great. I read the intro and skimmed through a few pages and already felt hooked. From my quick glance I learned about the moment Erin Benzakein knew flowers were going to be in her life forever and how she now is running a successful business surround by her farms, teaching workshops, and making her own seed packets. Sounds pretty wonderful to me!

3. Modern Folk Ware is my third. I just love Jennie’s work and I think you will too. You can find her online as well as at most of the Santa Fe Artists Market’s on Saturdays. The clean lines, and the neutral color of her pieces are so stunning. I would take one of everything if I could!

4. Next up is Twist of Lemons. I started following her recently and I’m so glad I did. She is working towards becoming both a nutritionist and primary care Physician Assistant. Her site is packed with educational information and recipes. One of my favorite lines from her about page is the following:
“I plan to integrate nutrition into my future medical practice, focusing on how food can be used as a preventative wellness plan, as well as a source of psykaleogical well being and vitality.” She has a thing for kale, and puns, check her out!

5. Lastly, did you know construction for a 58-unit apartment project in the Railyard district of Santa Fe has begun? These apartments will be very close to the Farmers Market and Violet Crown. Seems like some people are super into the idea and others are not so sure. To read more check out the article I read, here.

That’s it guys those are my 5 things for this week! Hope this one treats you well as it is the first one of MAY!

xo | sm

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