Santa Fe Farmers’ Market FIND

FRIENDS, I have a quick post to get you inspired for all your weekend brunching. CHIVE FLOWERS.

They are new to me and I hope new to you too, I love adding fresh chives to things but chive flowers seriously take it to the next level. I was a little skeptical but the flowers have a different taste than the stems…

























We added them to our “fancy weekend” avocado toast, that basically means it was topped with a fried egg and the Everything but the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s.

SO, I highly recommend that you make some plans to visit your local Farmers Market, (if you are in Santa Fe you should be checking out our kick ass one every Saturday or Tuesday) and try something NEW, if these chive flowers aren’t you’re thing – that’s COOL but pick something up that’s new and exciting for you and have at it!

Life is full of new experiences and I wish you some of the very best.






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