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Happy Monday/Tuesday! Raise your hand if you also think Monday/Tuesdays should become a regular thing. All weekends should be three days long, right?! Right.

I can easily say that I did not accomplish most of what I wanted to this weekend and I’m surprisingly okay with that. I traded in my weekend expectations for a lovely hike, more time with family, a last minute train ride to Albuquerque, plenty of popsicles and a mini water-balloon fight. It was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while. It might have had something to do with the whole extra day this weekend granted me…

So on this lovely Monday/Tuesday, I wanted to share 5 things that are also making me happy. You may have noticed that pins and patches are quite popular these days. I sure love a nice enamel pin or embroidered patch. I think it has something to do being a Girl Scout. I was all about my vest full of patches and pins. To me, they were badges of honor and evidence of many adventures. I think that’s why I’m so fond of pin and patch flair today.

You won’t see me wearing a vest around (yet) with new patches and pins, but I have started a mini collection. Today I’m sharing 5 pins and patches that I’ve had my eye on. They are super cool and designed by even cooler people.


Good Vibes pin from onr. shop has many of the things I love: jars, rose gold and sparkles!

A very cool plant pin from The Good Twin. Not only does she design killer letterpress cards but she has a collection of awesome pins for sale too!

Pins are not only cool and fun to collect but they can also make a difference. I first came across Pins Won’t Save the World in November before the Presidential Election. I liked their mission of gathering artists for a common purpose. “We know pins won’t save the world, but wearing them might make us feel better. And they’ve raised a lot of money for some awesome charities that support progressive causes under threat by Trump and his administration.” Now that’s something I can get behind.

I don’t think I can properly explain how much I love this patch from Stay at Home Club. I’m pretty impatient 98% of the time but I think this sweet patch would help me let go a little…

Ghost Cat is the best and I actually own this patch from Gillian Wilson of triangle trees. I haven’t sewn it to anything yet because it’s so special and I’m afraid I’ll ruin it.

Do you have any favorite pins or patches you’ve collected or hope to collect someday? I’d love to know!


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