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Happy Monday! Happy June and congratulations on making it 1/2 way into 2017 – it’s been a whirlwind for me, but c’la vie!

I’ve been back and forth on what I’d like to share here this week… it feels like I’ve got a million and one things swimming around my head. So, the task of naming just 5 things for you today seems a tad impossible.

Should I list my top 5 favorite margaritas in town, my top 5 essential oils that are on call currently? Should I day-dream a bit and share 5 places I’m itching to travel too? I could share some of our favorite hiking trails? Taco joints? Netflix shows…..

SIGH. What a big and wonderful world we live in, with so much to do and explore, experience and question.

With that I’ve just become inspired to share 5 things that are allowing me space to be a bit more calm, cool and collected.

  1. I’m trying out these personalized vitamin packs from Care/of this month. It was fun to take the quiz to help determine which supplement would work best for me – I’m really hoping to notice some improvements from the Astaxanthin, Ashwagandha and Tumeric.
  2. Geranium Essential Oil, literally saves my life on the daily. It’s a grounding scent and I use it like once a day when I’m feeling all over the place. No joke it’s a life saver. I buy my oils through Young Living, and if your interested in getting a whole sale price on some oils holla at your girl! I’m placing an order in the next week!
  3. Have you tried Yerba Mate tea? For me it’s a t-o-t-a-l energy boost. I like making my own mint yerba mate at home, but these cans are always a treat, just higher on the sugar side.
  4. So let’s chat a minute about Harry Styles. I’m confessing, I’ve jumped on the band wagon, his new album has been on repeat for me – but this video for Sign of the Times blows my mind, it’s breath taking and I knew it was shot in Scotland right away which just felt like an extra plus for me! P.S. this song adds to my “calm, cool and collected(ness)” because, well now that I know the words, I can put it on and think about pretty Scottish scenery and try to sing as high as possible.
  5. I’ve been loving this Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque from Aesop. It’s on the pricey side, but it’s got my vote! I’ll probably keep it on my list of staples because of how well it works for my skin. Have you checked out Aesop? EVERYTHING SMELLS SO GOOD…

So there you have it, I need all the chill pills to get me through summer and the rest of this busy year. If you need me I’ll probs be face-masked up, trying to sing as high as Harry Styles, sipping super energy tea and crossing my fingers that vitamins aren’t a waste of my money! I’ll keep you posted!

So, cheers to you, I’m sending you all the good thoughts and deep belly breaths for a smooth and calm June.



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