Real Talk: Passion Projects

Passion Projects

For my first real talk post I want to focus on passion projects and why I think you should consider starting one.

As a creative (or as a person really) when was the last time you did something solely for yourself? I’ve been noticing the further I get into this post college life the less time I feel I have. It seems like I’m being pulled in so many directions and I’m trying to hit on all of them that by the end of the day—when I finally have a moment to breathe—I’m way too exhausted to even try doing one more thing.

I’ve been working lately to change that. To make it a priority to start the day focusing on something for myself. The mornings that this is successful, are my happiest mornings.

I have found deciding to start a passion project is ultimately deciding you want to create personal growth doing something you truly believe in. You get to decide what this project is, how you will approach it, when you will do it, how often, and no one is going to be making any of the decisions for you. You get to put things out in to the world that really matter to you—and because they really matter to you—you put your best work out there. People start to notice and they start to understand what drives you, who you are, and what you are really about.

Can’t find the motivation to get started? My first tip would be to surround yourself with people you find inspiring and feed off of each other. I am so grateful for Nicole and Andie and for From Good Intentions. These two push me to explore new things, have more drive, to be honest with myself, and to focus on what it is that I truly want to spend my time doing.

The inspiration for this post came when I realized all of us here at From Good Intentions have been delevoping our own passion projects. You can always check out our personal accounts ( Shannon | Nicole | Andie ) to see what we are up to.

I couldn’t leave you with just my perspective so I reached out to Nicole and Andie to get their take.

Even though I work in the design industry, I don’t always get to create pieces I’m passionate about. Because of that, passion projects have become essential fuel for my creativity and have developed into a form of self-care. These projects are a chance for me to experiment, explore, wander, get lost, make mistakes and set my own rules. Passion projects allow me to feel ‘whole’.



Passion projects are a big part of my life because after graduating High School in 2005 and University in 2010 I’ve set out on my career path which has little to nothing to do with me using an ounce of my creative brain. I use passion projects as a way to stimulate that part of me, to explore, create and share the part of me I don’t get to in the everyday. Growing up and throughout University I was never considered a “creative” so it took me along time to associate myself with that world and term. I’d like to think I’m a creative story teller/sharer – I’m passionate about people, places and things and I love sharing stories because for me it’s how I grow and learn to understand the world better.

Passion projects can be small or large, public or private – the point is to do something for you, that makes YOU happy, chances are you’ll end up making other people happy along the way too (even if they don’t tell you!).

I hope you find inspiration in why we value creating work for ourselves and I hope you give it a try too. Trust me it’s so worth it.

xo | sm

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