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Hello Monday and hello you! I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to keep my cool today, anyone else starting off the week in a mad rush to the finish line?

Here’s my 5 things, 5 things that have been helping me be a normal person, and 5 things I think that you might like to check out – if you haven’t already!

Now lets tackle this week like the pros that we are! (Or fake it till you make it – right?!)

  1. I’m LOVING this Netflix show called Riverdale, it’s like a dark and twisty take on the Archie comic.
  2. Watermelon juice, enough said it’s fantastic, but make it better with a splash of coconut water and lime!
  3. Saltwater sandals, I have a red pair but am itching to get another in brown or black – what color would you pick?
  4. This article “The Secret to Small Talk” – which I probs need to commit to memory, (I’m horrible at small talk and the best at large portions of moments of silence).
  5. I’m in the process of removing like all toxins from my life/home – and I couldn’t do it without this app! Think Dirty|Shop Clean

So there you have it, 5 random bits from my brain to yours. I’ll tell you this, I’m not sure where the blogging will lead me this week but I promise to show up and share where I’m at with you. I hope in the least that you check out that Netflix show the next time you need to zone out and for reals consider limiting the toxins in your home too!




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