5 things

5 things

Monday Again?! Well the good news is this Monday feels like a fake Friday as we have tomorrow off at work (and I hope you do too). I’m pretty sure the rest of the week is going to feel a little off  because of this but hey, I’ll take it! My five things are aimed to help you settle in and get ready for the month ahead. So let’s dive in shall we.

• First things first, HOT STONE MASSAGE. I seriously LOVE massages, I get giddy just scheduling the appointment. If you haven’t tried a hot stone massage or a “regular” massage if there is such a thing—I couldn’t recommend it more. It’s one of my favorite forms of self care and truly feels like a reset button every time I go. Try it just once, you owe it to yourself.

• My next thing will help you realize it’s not only Monday again, but we are starting a new month! I can’t wrap my head around this but Archer and Olive’s printable calendar pages always ease me into the idea. I print one of these every month and mark off the days as we go, you can get July’s here.

• Want to try something new and delicious tomorrow? Design Love Fest has us covered with their round up of 4th of July recipes.

• I stumbled upon The Every Girl’s July backgrounds for your tech this morning and was totally feeling the good vibes design.

• Lastly, Andie shared with me the magic that is Young Living I can’t wait to try the mini samples that she gave me and explore their benefits. If the oils weren’t enough I’m so in to this diffuser I might have to break down and get it one of these days!

There you go I hope some of these help you gear up for the month ahead. I promise before we know it we will be turning that calendar page to August, and that’s just so crazy. I hope you make it a point to ground yourself and do a little something special just for you this week/month.

We got this.

xo | sm

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