Purple Adobe Lavender Farm

Purple Adobe Lavender Farm

Hello, and Happy Sunday!

I hope your weekend has been wonderful and has filled you up with time to rejuvenate and take care of yourself. Yesterday I felt like I did just that when I went with a good friend to the Purple Adobe Lavender Farm Festival. I wanted to get a post up quickly because if you are looking for something to end your weekend with there is still time to go. The Festival is going on until 5:00 today. Their location is in Abiquiu, New Mexico, an hour or so drive from Santa Fe.

The Farm itself is gorgeous, seeing row upon row of different lavender varieties surrounded by mountains and trees, it feels like the perfect getaway. My favorite part of the festival was getting to pick our own lavender. There is something so peaceful about being outdoors and connecting with nature, it really felt like it gave me a moment to feel grounded and not focus on anything else but creating my bundle of lavender to take home with me. They also have music, food, drinks, vendors and their own shop with a bunch of lavender products at the festival.

So if your not sure what you want to do today you should go! We left Santa Fe at about 12:00 and stayed until around 4:00 which felt like the perfect amount of time. We got to wander around the fields, pick our bunches of lavender, sit in the shade with our drinks, grab some food and listen to the live music, explore the products in the shop, check out the vendors and then we felt like we were good to go. It was definitely hot, so if you do decide to go break out those shorts and sundresses and grab your sunscreen and a bottle of water!

If today doesn’t fell like the day but you still want to go you can schedule your own tour on Tuesdays and Fridays you can get more information about their tours on their site. I definitely think the experience was worth it. I had never been to a lavender farm but now I plan to go back or to a new one next year during the festival season!

Wishing you all a nice end to your weekend.

xo | sm

Purple Adobe Lavender FarmPurple Adobe Lavender FarmPurple Adobe Lavender Farm




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