Local Shout Out: Gruet!

Happy Weekend Friends!

I’ve been itching to do this local shout out for like… EVER. Why you ask, well because CHAMPAGNE of course!

Today’s local shout out goes to Gruet Sparkling Wine, New Mexico’s own ‘champagne’! Did you know that Gruet is made right here in the state? It is and I think it’s one of the coolest things, but I’m a champagne fangirl so?!


Gruet Winery was founded by Gilbert Gruet who was born in France in 1931 – he married a woman named Danielle and they dreamed of producing a quality Champagne. Guess what? They followed their dreams and in 1967 created U.V.C.B. (Union Vinicole des Coteaux de Bethon), a co-op in the village of Bethon. So how’d Gruet end up in New Mexico? In 1983 the family was traveling through the SW part of the US – they somehow ended up outside of Truth or Consequences and somehow met successful winemakers in the area. So, in 1984 Gilbert decided to plant an experimental vineyard in Engle, NM and 2 out of he 4 kids came to begin winemaking in America.

I’d have to say I think they’ve become wildly successful, like I mentioned I’m a champagne fangirl and their stuff is my favorite, and it makes me feel extra special that I can say it’s “local” too!

Here’s my favorites;


Blanc de Blancs


Sauvage Rosé

Brut Rosé

If you’re in Santa Fe you MUST make a stop to their wine tasting room, it’s located in the Hotel St. Francis and I literally pinch myself each time I’m there. Just knowing Santa Fe has a ‘champagne bar’ makes it a better place to live if you ask me!




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