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Happy Monday, happy 5 things!

I’ve been craving some down town chatting with new and old friends in the most perfect of coffee shops. Like Agia Sophia in Colorado Springs, Rue De La Course in New Orleans, Bakeri in Brooklyn or Earthy in Edinburgh. Because adult life can’t allow me the joy of popping into any of these places to greet or meet old/new friends. I thought we’d have a little coffee date here – I thought I’d fill you in on me.

So this week, my 5 things are just 5 things about me, maybe you know them, maybe you don’t. I’d also love to get to know you and while we may not be able to sprint over to Edinburgh for a latte we could also meet up in Northern New Mexico for coffee or red chile!

5 things about me (Andie Jane-Britt Fuller)

  1. Anytime I have to take the stairs I count them, there are 50 stairs to my apartment, but with the in-between steps it comes out to about 67. (I also say the entire alphabet to myself while washing my hands… )
  2. I’ve never broken a bone, I think this is mostly because I’ve always, always been terrified of hurting myself. I’ve been cautious for a whole 29 years of my life. Once while learning to play t-ball, someone “tossed” a ball towards me and I just fell to the ground as a safety precaution.
  3. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and loved it, I almost minored in Anthropology and my favorite classes were always about folklore, the occult or power, privilege and inequality.
  4. Once upon a time I did a Leadership/Survivalist training, while there I ate; pigs ears and hoofs, chickens feet, crickets, raw baby octopus, Century egg, pigs blood mixed in milk, balut (this might have been the hardest thing to eat).
  5. I’m an only child and sibling relationships fascinate me, I never hated being an only child but I’ve always, always thought it would be the coolest to have siblings. I’ve learned though that there’s still a likeable factor with siblings and just having them doesn’t make you fast friends. Still though, do you have sibling? I’m probs a little jealous.

Now you know a little bit more about me, and truly I’d love to know a little more about you. I miss the time when my schedule was more open and spending 3-4 hours on a coffee date with a friend was doable.

All the love,



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