5 things

5 things

Hi guys, Shannon here hoping that Monday has been good to you so far. Now that some of you are feeling those post work Monday vibes I hope you are settling in for the evening. Maybe you have already put your pjs on, poured your favorite drink, turned on your favorite show, whatever it may be feel grateful for those little things. If you are just gearing up for a shift, getting ready to work on that side hustle or finally getting to something you meant to do over the weekend, may the power be with you.

For this weeks 5 things, I’m following Andie’s lead and spilling 5 things about me that you may or may not know.

  1. I had my first surgery in January of this year, and it was not a little surgery by any means. But really, are any surgeries little surgeries? After my experience I would say no, all surgeries must feel major. Without getting into too much detail mine was on my femur and now every time I hear about anyone going through or anyone who has gone through a surgery give them so much credit.
  2. I broke my first bone in my body this year and you may think it had something to do with my femur now that you know about that, but it was actually my BIG TOE. I can’t even tell you how much hurt.
  3. On a happier note, my boyfriends niece (who I also consider to be my niece) has officially started saying my name. I got this on video last night for the first time and it kinda made my entire week.
  4. I’ve been getting into photography more lately—people, places, food, nature, things, you can see more on my personal Instagram. Something that I have always loved about photography is it really forces you to slow down, take in all the details and notice the beauty that we so often take for granted.
  5. Lastly, I have been singing Happy Birthday when I wash my hands, which definitely seems a little OCD but at least I’m getting some good germs off—I hope!

There you go some random facts about me, wishing you a great week and I hope someone starts singing Happy Birthday in their head with me after reading this!




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