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Happy Total Solar Eclipse day! Happy Monday! It’s been a really weird day friends.

The solar eclipse brought some strange energy into my day. Frankly, I’m feeling pretty exhausted by an event I didn’t even get to experience fully (am I bitter? no way……).

The total solar eclipse is still super cool though! I wish I could have witnessed it for myself but that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate such a beautiful natural event!

Today’s 5 things are brought to you by today’s Total Solar Eclipse. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Moon Phase App – It’s like the moon is your friend. You check up on her and she can check in with you.
  2. Solar Eclipse in 4 minutes – Best view of the solar eclipse and requires zero travel or planning!
  3. Sun and Moon patches – These are just too cute.
  4. Solar Eclipse from Space – While many people experienced the eclipse here on Earth, just imagine what such an event looks like from outer space!
  5. Phases of the Moon print – This is something good to have anytime of the year…the moon is such a magical being.
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