5 things

5 things

You guys, my heart is so full. This weekend was wonderful and it kicked off my twenty eighth year. Time really is a funny thing, and truthfully last year for a solid three minutes I thought I was turning twenty eight and had a mini panic attack until my boyfriend assured me that I was in fact only turning twenty seven. This year, there is still a mild anxiousness lingering around the number, but I have been assured that twenty eight is a great year and I feel pretty ready to embrace it.

This week I want to talk about 5 things I want to focus on as the next year unfolds.

• Finding more moments of gratitude in the everyday. The day to day can be filled with their struggles, and mini dramas but I was reminded on my birthday of the bigger picture. I was reminded with a sense of joy this year that the relationships we are building and the people we are letting into our lives are one of the things to really focus on and because of that I want to show more gratitude to these people more regularly.

• Finding more me time. I am one of those people who love time to themselves, time to rejuvenate, reflect and get inspired. Although I feel like I do find this time I want to be more intentional with it this year.

• Getting back to exercising. This year was a little rough for me. It started with my first major surgery in January. Which caused me to actually be unable to exercise for months. But in all honestly I also had also stopped finding the time for it. When life started feeling EXTRA busy exercising was one of the first things to go for me. It was so much easier to not go to a class after work and suddenly gain another 1-2 hours in the day. But I know deep down that’s not the long term solution or good for my body, so it is time to plan in back into my routine. First I want to get back to yoga, a few studios I have my eyes on are, BodyThrive, and Yoga Source.

• Make more time to do anything I want. I feel torn between scheduling every moment and allowing myself time to rest or explore. When I doing “whatever” I often feel guilty about not accomplishing something on my never ending to do list. Maybe I need to schedule “free” time so that it gets accomplished too, guilt free. It’s all about balance, right.

• Overall wellbeing. I want to shift my focus from being busy to being balanced this year. I’m on the search for a place in Santa Fe that focuses on multiple aspects of wellbeing, so far these two have caught my attention, Sunflower Wellness Center and Santa Fe Soul. I also made my first trip to Sunrise Springs this weekend to celebrate a new year and I loved it (p.s. The photo in this post is from their spa). More trips here will definitely give me a sense of overall wellness and make me feel like I’m finding time to take care of myself.

There you have it, five things I am determined to get back to and be more intentional about this year. A big thank you to everyone who sent good vibes my way. I encourage you to take a moment and set some intentions for the upcoming season. Autumn is a wonderful time for reflection and all things cozy. If you have any recommendations that fall into these themes, please feel free to share them!

All the love

xo | sm

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