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Sunrise Springs

WHAT. A. WEEK. It’s been a good one but also tough, fun, stressful, energizing and exhausting all at once. However, one of the best moments was when Simply Social Media and Sunrise Springs partnered up to bring twenty incredible women together for their Fall Influencers event. We were able to explore Sunrise Springs and experience some of the activities they hold on their property. To end this week I’m sharing my five favorite things from my experience.

Sunrise Springs

ONE. The grounds. Once you get through the gates you can feel a transformative experience coming along. The atmosphere is incredibly peaceful and the scenery seems unreal. Right now in Santa Fe all the leaves are changing, which made every area burst with different colors. There are also gorgeous water features around the property—being tucked in the desert, that is a real treat. 

TWO. Exploring the greenhouse had to be one of my favorite things. There were so many gorgeous plants, and it was the first time I have ever experienced a sensitive plant that closed its leaves upon touch (again unreal) you can watch that in action here. We were also able to make personalized bags filled with different botanicals with multiple benefits.  Zoom in on the photos below to see what these botanicals were and what benefits they have.Sunrise SpringsSunrise Springs

THREE. Silkies! For those of you who have never meet one in person they are the fluffiest chickens around. I was able to feed them carrot greens (video) and dried worms?! It was such an exhilarating moment when I was holding dried worms (referred to as chicken corn flakes) and all the silkies were running up to me and peeking away to get their share (video). Next time I plan to hold one of these fluffy guys, maybe even the fluffiest white one whose name is Princess. Silkies at Sunrise SpringsSilkies at Sunrise Springs

FOUR. Body as brush. In this activity we were guided to connect our movement with our breathing and illustrate a feeling on our paper. I focused on the feeling of being relaxed and at the beginning of each stroke let out an exhale. As someone who loves to paint this clearly hit my top 5 favorite things. Something about putting strokes of black ink on a clean canvas of white paper is so therapeutic.

Body as Brush at Sunrise SpringsBody as Brush at Sunrise SpringsFIVE. Puppies! As you can tell Sunrise Springs is just full of magic and to top it off you can play with puppies to help socialize them on their way to become service dogs! These guys were full of energy and ready to show any tricks for some treats.

Puppies at Sunrise Springs

If you are in need of a getaway, a place to recharge, or a place to reconnect I would say Sunrise Springs is a go to! The other thing I can’t get over is it’s only a twenty minute drive from my house, they will be seeing a lot more of me in the days to come. They also have an amazing spa which I was fortunate enough to experience over my birthday this year. We got an hour long soak and a hot stone massage which was heavenly. I have heard great things about their restaurant, Blue Heron which I can’t wait to try and you can even stay in one of their twenty casitas. I hope you take some time before the leaves completely drop to experience it for yourself and if you do, let us know what your favorite part was!

Have a fantastic week ahead. All the good vibes.

xo | sm

Sunrise Springs

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