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Hi friends! We’ve made it to another Monday. Another week ahead. Another full to-do list.

I tend to spend my Mondays thinking about how to plan out the week and how I can be my most productive self. I love making lists and setting goals and intentions. But it can start to feel overwhelming sometimes so I’ve been trying to develop a system that works best for me. This weekend I watched a Skillshare class about Productivity and it completely changed my thought process around the subject.

I wanted to share 5 ‘ah ha!’ pieces of info that I learned from this class.

  1. How can you take control of your time?  I struggled with this. I feel like I have very little control over *most* of my day. That is hard for me to deal with because I am an early riser and tend to have the most inspiration and energy in the morning hours and early afternoon. Because of my work schedule, I spend most of my day at a desk and working on a screen. Tasks are assigned to me all day long and I often feel like I have little control over anything. Complaining aside, it’s become a priority of mine to make the most of the time I have outside of work.
  2. Break Larger Goals into Smaller Goals – I enjoy setting goals for myself but it’s also when I feel the most overwhelmed and inadequate. Breaking my larger goals into small mini-goals will help me feel more ‘accomplish’ and closer to achieving those bigger things.
  3. Does your to-do list consist of tasks that will get you closer to achieving your goals?  This was a huge ‘ah ha!’ moment for me and definitely a challenge to my current process. I’m guilty of filling my to-do list with small tasks that I can easily check off in the hope of feeling super productive. I realize now I was fill my to-do list with tasks that would leave me feeling ‘busy’ but not really any closer to my larger goals. Busyness does not equal productivity. This is huge for me! And I’m going to definitely balance out my to-do lists with my mini goals and more goal-oriented tasks.
  4. Everyday Counts  Super important to remember! Everyday counts and the little things count too. Try not to beat yourself up if you can’t get something done. Rest days are also equally important to your productivity. We all need time to recharge.
  5. Simplicity + Consistently = Productivity  Creating habits and a system that works for you is important. This class reccomended a couple of apps that help with lists and habit forming. One was HabitBull and the other was ToDoist. I am going to try out both of these apps to see how they will fit into my personal system. Remember to keep things simple, narrow down the apps and places you keep lists. Create consistency for yourself. Combine the two and you’re on your way to better productivity.

I hope you find these 5 tips helpful. I’m currently in a place where I feel I need to be doing more but also feeling like I’m getting little done. I am determined to develop new habits and be less hard on myself when things don’t get done. We’re only human, right?

Do you have any productivity tips that help you? Feel free to leave them in the comments. I’d love to hear them!



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