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Ok, just one question, can someone please tell me how it’s November already?

This year is passing by so quickly, if you didn’t know we have 17 days until Thanksgiving and that means it’s basically already the holiday season. One thing I vowed to myself last year was that I would NOT wait until the last days to get gifts for my friends and family for the holidays again. Picture myself and my boyfriend up into the wee hours on Christmas Eve wrapping gifts, although probably a good memory from now until forever, I’d rather make it a point to take the time and feel prepared so that I can really enjoy the season. Gift giving is one of my favorite things so when I am rushing through writing a card or wrapping a present—it’s not my favorite. I guess this should all lead me to my five things for the week shouldn’t it, hmmm five gift ideas, five holiday goals, five ways to try to enjoy the season more? Ya let’s go there five ways to enjoy the season more.

• One thing I was aware of last year was the fact that I felt like I had to say no to doing some of the family/friend things because I had too much to do. In reality that is the last thing I want to be feeling or doing during the holidays. So this year I’m going to work on being prepared personally so that I’m open to do any and all of the gatherings and spend time with the people I love.

• Thoughtful gifts. This is why I love gift giving, I enjoy thinking about the person I’m giving something to, who they are, what they like, any inside jokes we have together, or something they have mentioned to me before. It’s a way to connect, it’s  a way to say I care about you, I’ve been listening to you, I know something about you that others might not and here is a little something to celebrate that.

• These days, especially living in Santa Fe, I feel like the best place to go shopping is……online. One of my most recent favorites—Etsy. Some of the most unique and personalized gifts can be found on Etsy and I can’t help but feel good about supporting other creatives and their small businesses dreams.

• Making the home cozy. Your home should be a place that celebrates the season, and a place that enhances your mood. I want to be sure to add a few things to make our home reflect this time of year and bring some of that outdoor magic in.

• Appreciating the small moments. Although I love giving gifts it’s not what the holidays are really about. To me it’s about the time I spend with the people I love and the memories we make. The moments by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, the blankets, the snow, watching Home Alone for the millionth time—those things, I hold them close.

So there are some thoughts for the fast approaching season. Take some time to make some intentions before you just feel like a crazy person trying to survive, do you best to enjoy it.

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From Good Intentions 5 things
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