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Last night I turned on Netflix to have Friends in the background while I did what felt like ALL the things. And guess what? It was a Thanksgiving episode, the one where Joey tries to eat a entire turkey and Brad Pitt makes his ever famous cameo. And, you know what? It put me in the most holiday mood. We (my husband) and I moved into our 6th apartment together this past weekend, a mere 5 days before hosting Thanksgiving and up until this point everything felt like a major to do list. But something about that Friends episode just reminded me that it’s okay to forget something on the grocery list, or not have a beautiful center piece for the table. It’s okay if I don’t know what I’m wearing, it’s okay if I buy the rolls – IT’S OKAY.
The holidays and this time of year are often skewed into things they are not, which most of the time leaves me constantly feeling less than, stressed and tired.
I’m just deciding to make different (personal) choices this year to avoid the stress and pressure. The things I’m choosing to care about this year –
making time for my loved ones
being intentional with gift giving, quality over quantity
choosing community over competition
What’s all that mean? It means that no one cares if I buy the rolls or make them, it means not everything has to be magically home-made + fabulous, it means… what matters is having intentional time to enjoy the people around us, to share in that community feeling, to soak up that feeling of being around your people – over how gourmet the food is, or how much you were able to cram into these three days after work.
I’d rather be remembered for being kind, intentional and loving, not for my killer squash recipe or how good (and how much money) I could spend making a table setting look just right.
So, here’s 5 things that are helping me keep my cool, make new and better personal choices and just take the pressure off! 
1. This meditation app – hands down my favorite
2. This essential oil blend – I like to call it “Liquid Xanax”
25 drops lavender
15 drops Valor
10 drop Vetiver
10 drops Grapefruit
10 drops Joy
5 drops Release
5 drops Cedarwood
3. This champagne, because champagne is my favorite and it makes me happy – (and this one is the best one I’ve EVER had)
4. Friends (because we all need a little more feel good, funny TV)
5. Following my friends on Instagram, seeing little bits of their life and how things are going for them, what they are doing for the holidays, even though it’s online – it allows me to a moment to stop be intentional, comment, communicate and not just scroll past in a daze.
Like just see what a few of my favorite peeps are up to; (and yes like these are all real life friends, like normal humans who are near and dear to my heart)
@rougewithlove – has a killer cinnamon roll recipe out with MAPLE + COFFEE GLAZE
@nicolelizguerra – opened up her ETSY shop Great Small Things and I’ve already found 2 great Christmas presents for some loved ones
@andrea_friedrichs – has the most Louisiana Thanksgiving menu and I LOVE her cooking, so wishing I could stop by for her smoked turkey and cheese grits
@rachaelhmacphee @havenblog – this awesome wife/momma/photographer/writer did a beautiful 2018 calendar collaboration with her friend @anetanina – seriously stunning work, I was lucky to get a preorder purchase of it and cannot wait to share it with someone special for Christmas. Both of these women are uber amounts of inspiring with their creative work and bad ass momma vibes!
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From Good Intentions 5 things
Five Things
From Good Intentions 5 Things

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