Some Seasonal Thoughts + December Freebies

Happy Monday all! I don’t have a regular 5 Things post today because if I’m being honest, my head is a little too jumbled and if I add 5 more things to my list, I might just explode. I hope you can forgive me.

I love this season. I know everyone says that but I truly do love the months of October-December the most. These months contain a strange mix of joy and sadness. It’s complicated but I feel there is a strange sense of beauty with all of it. It’s during these months that I feel both the presence and absence of family and friends the most. There is a simultaneous heaviness and lightness of my heart that I feel intensely this time of year. And like I said, it feels complicated, heavy and jumbled but beautiful.

Jumbled, heavy thoughts aside, I wanted to share a little holiday cheer with all of you. I created a couple of wallpapers that you can download to bring a little light and joy to your work areas (I know I could use a little extra cheer at my desk). You can also save them to your phone as a wallpaper too! Wallpaper 1 | Wall Paper 2

I know this season can be a tough one for many people. I’d like to be more aware of that in my own life and share extra kindness and tenderness. We’re all just trying to do and be our best. It’s hard but try to remember, you’re never as alone as you may feel.

Wishing you all a bright and beautiful season.



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