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Hello friends! Happy Monday – hope that it’s treated you well. We’re currently 9 working days away from the holiday break and it’s go time! For my 5 things today I thought I’d share 5 self care ideas I’m trying to rotate through to make sure I’m taking care of me this holiday season. Because, to be honest, it’s really easy for me to feel really busy and really overwhelmed – really fast. I usually have the mindset of “oh I’ll reset in the new year”, or “I’ll take care of that later”. Turning 30 this year I realized that mindset no longer serves me and I have to spend some time each day for myself to recharge and show up in the world for other people.

So, here it goes. 5 self-care things you can do even with a super busy schedule.

  1. Use essential oils (topically or diffuse). Top 3 oils I recomend for keeping your “cool” this holiday season – #1 Lavender #2 Peppermint #3 Cedarwood – Essential oils work by stimulating our Olfactory system (within 22 seconds of smelling) and can also reach our blood streams in 2 minutes, within 20 minutes they are able to affect all the cells in our body.
  2. Drink MORE water (or hot herbal tea). When you think you’ve had enough water, just go ahead and have another glass.
  3. Breath MORE – I like to do this through meditation and have been committed to doing a guided meditation almost every night before falling asleep. I mentioned this app a few weeks ago, but I’ve been using Insight Timer on the daily. Here’s an article with three breathing exercises if this is something new for you! Here’s the Insight Timer App
  4. Skip the sugar, eat the veggies. Where you can of course, the holiday season is all about celebration and being with friends and family. I know that my diet will have some “extra” items added to it and I’m trying to compensate with healthier meals where I can. This weekend I meal prepped a Paleo Chicken Salad, hard boiled eggs and lots of roasted veggies. Here’s a great recipe from Minimalist Baker ‘Oil-Free Roasted Vegetables‘.
  5. 5 minutes of gratitude. I’ve been giving myself 5 minutes when I get home from work to just sit in the stillness, it’s already dark by then so for me somehow the day feels more calm. I’ll sit and just reflect on things, what I was grateful for that day, this week, something upcoming, something from the past, the whole year of 2017, basic things – it can feel big or small. It helps me reset to be more present when I’m home and to start my next “to do list” with a little more presence and heart. It’s always great to voice your little gratitudes to someone you love, saying them out load can hold alot of power.

And that’s it – all little things that can add up to making a big difference. Lately I’ve been learning about how even thought I can always do “big” things there is alot of value and need in doing small things.

I hope this post finds you well, warm and winding down for a cozy evening!



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