Good Intentions

Live less out of habit and more out of intent.

I wanted to share a little a bit about a lot of things.

First up, our name, From Good Intentions. Our name and our intent with this blog/endeavor has grown out of the feeling of “why not”.

Why not give life our best shot?

Why not take a risk?

Why not make the time?

Why not try…

Why not just try the things we like, eventually something has to stick, right? You know when life gives you a gift and you just know that it’s right. That’s what our friendship has been to me. We are very similar but also very different, we make an impossibly cool team (if you ask me!). Being one of the m o s t introverted, reserved, kinda nerdy and anxious people when you meet someone who is even remotely like you it’s basically a ‘hallelujah’ moment. We both want to live a life of love, full of thoughtfulness, kindness and growth. That might sound generic to you but it’s really not to us. The little things matter to us, they can often speak multitudes. So, our hope is to share with you the real parts of our lives, the hardships, the celebrations as well as the little ways we try to find the beauty in all things.

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Secondly, I wanted to give a quick nod to the idea of good intentions. There are many times that good intentions are seen as not enough because they are missing that action step. Well, this blog is our action step, it’s our best foot forward both collectively and as individuals. Life can feel so full sometimes that it’s hard to find your footing, we think that it’s best to just go for it. Just step forward without your footing, eventually it will all come back to support you. In a world that can often feel so scary, we want to step forward, out of the quietness, out of the shadow and share our hearts with you. It’s with all the very best intentions that we started this venture together and are here today, sharing it with an unknown crowd on the interweb. You may be there or you may not… we may have readers, and we may not. Mostly, this little space is for us to feel safe in both creating and sharing. It’s amazing what the support of friendship can push you to do. For us, it’s allowed a few comfort zones to be dropped and hope to build.

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We are hopeful that just as we stumbled across each other that by sharing we may be able to build a community of like minded people who have big hearts and even bigger passions and dreams.

We’ve only got one life, so why not do it big.

-xoxo, A

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Planting seeds of good intentions.

A few weeks ago we had the chance to waste some time at a greenhouse and of course left with some succulents. We wanted to do something a little symbolic so we decided to write out three sets of good intentions, one for ourselves, one for our career and one for our relationships. We scribbled them on little pieces of newsprint and planted them in tiny terra cotta pots with our new plants. It’s a reminder to not forget about the good intentions you set in your life. They may take some attention to flourish, but with time we hope to see them grow.

Here’s the rest of our shots from that day! I have my plant next to me at work and it’s a constant reminder of the bigger picture, it helps me refocus and find some stability in the day to day.

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