Belieber Cookies

I recently became a Belieber, yes in 2016. I was a little late. My new found trust and admiration for Justin Bieber of course lead me down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos and interviews and songs. In the end, I accepted his dreadlocks and figured if we ever had the chance to meet we could for sure be friends. Friends in the way that… I’d be the nerdy, wise one who might get asked life questions and he’d be the one to convince me to wear a dress over my favorite pair of Levi’s. Then, last week Nicole had the most brilliant idea ever… Biebs on cookies! It truly is all about the little things in life. They came out perfect as you can tell, plus Nicole’s recipe for sugar cookies is one of the best I’ve tasted. You can check that out here.

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Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

We started with a list of some of our favorite lyrics

  • Love Yourself
  • You should go and love yourself
  • My mama don’t like you
  • and she likes everyone
  • I ain’t perfect, won’t deny
  • We could be starving
  • We could be homeless
  • We could be broke
  • This life’s not easy
  • I’m not made out of gold
  • What do you mean?
  • I’ll be your platinum,
  • I’ll be your silver
  • I’ll be your gold
  • I’m gone
  • Sorry
  • Baby, baby, baby ooh (Maybe split onto multiple cookies)


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^^ don’t forget to check out the recipe for the these delish sugar cookies ^^

Then had to narrow it down to what was short enough to actually fit on a cookie. Add some confectioners’ sugar glaze, sprinkles and boom, magic!
My personal favorite is of course, “My Mama don’t like U”, but we promise “swag” and “Baby, Baby, Baby OO00h” to be pretty good crowd pleasers. So, the next time life has you down or your friend/family member needs a pick me up we suggest Biebs on cookies, like really who can resist!

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^^ sprinkles make everything better ^^

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^^ why don’t you go and… ^^




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