‘Bright and Beautiful’ Face Oil

I found this ‘recipe’ from one of my best friends, Andrea – she’s the one who introduced me to Young Living Essential Oil. I’m secretly calling this stuff my witch potion and have been using it ever since she shared it with me – I use it e v e r y night!!!

Here’s what you do:

  • Fill 2oz glass dropper bottle with essential oils listed below, then fill to top with apricot seed oil
  • 15 drops frankincense
  • 15 drops of ylang ylang
  • 30 drops lavender
  • 30 drops tea tree
  • 30 drops geranium

Give it a little shake and there you go, liquid gold for your face! I put 4-5 drops in the palm of my hand and rub into a freshly cleaned face, avoiding my eye area. I love the the smell and find the whole experience truly spa like. Plus, I love knowing that what I’m putting on my face is so good for me! Sans Chemicals!


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